We have an extensive range of adhesive tapes available from standard sellotape and packing to tape to high-quality technical tapes and machine rolls from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers such as Vibac and Tesa.

Various Sizes

Crossweave Tapes

Immensely strong and flexible Crossweave Tape is interwoven with fibreglass filaments, and can be used as an alternative to pallet strapping.

Various Sizes

Gaffer Tapes

Packaging Shack’s high-quality Gaffer Tape is the perfect waterproof ducting tape for indoor and outdoor applications.

Various Styles & Sizes

Miscellaneous Tapes

Packaging Shack’s Wide Range of Everyday Adhesive Tapes. Various Colours, Sizes, Styles and Designs available.

Various Sizes

Packing Tape

A wide range of Adhesive Tapes designed to provide a reliable yet economical solution for packing and sealing cartons.

Various Sizes

PVC Tape

Packaging Shack’s strong and flexible PVC Electrical insulation tape is great for both D.I.Y. jobs and professional electricians.

Various Sizes

Tape Dispensers

Pistol Grip Tape Dispensers are the first choice for fast and efficient carton sealing, saving you time and money.