Pallet Packaging

Some of the most commonly used industrial packaging, Pallet Wrap is a versatile product for ensuring the contents of a pallet remain in place and secure whilst in transit. Our range extends to consumer applications also with our mini pallet wrap rolls which are great for wrapping odd shaped packages and securing fragile items.

Various Sizes

Hand Pallet Wrap

High quality blown Pallet Wrap, designed to be extra strong to resist punctures, dust and moisture, perfect for wrapping and strapping items that are being transported on pallets or storage.

Various Sizes

Machine Pallet Wrap

Standard cast film applied using an automated pallet wrapping machine. This film secures more tightly than tape, is much easier to remove and will not leave an adhesive residue on your product as it clings to itself.

Various Styles & Sizes

Mini Pallet Wrap

Packaging Shack’s strong Mini Pallet Wrap is available as clear or black security film. Mini Pallet Wrap is a hand applied manual reel which will secure more tightly than tape.

Various Sizes

Narolite Hand Rolls

Winwrap Narolite Hand Rolling Film is a complete system consisting of an ergonomic reusable plastic hand dispenser and an oriented film roll with extremely high holding force.

Various Sizes

Pallet Top Sheets

Packaging Shack’s high durability 50 micron polythene Pallet Top Sheets are designed to be used in conjunction with Pallet Stretch Wrap to protect the top of wrapped pallets from environmental damage.