Corrugated Packaging

Most of our corrugated products such as cardboard boxes, cardboard sheets and cardboard wraps are made in-house by our skilled team of manufacturers and as well as allowing us to offer a large range of stock sizes. We are also able to manufacture bespoke cardboard products designed to meet your exact requirements.

Various Shapes & Sizes

Cardboard Boxes

 Packaging Shack’s High-Quality Cardboard Boxes are manufactured in-house using quality materials. Made by Kraft Board with a smooth finish, these boxes are ideal for use in Mailing Rooms.

Various Sizes

Corrugated Rolls

Manufactured from recycled cardboard making them a lightweight and cost-efficient medium for protecting all manner of irregularly shaped products.

Various Styles & Sizes

Cardboard Sheets

Packaging Shack’s Cardboard Sheets are great for use as dividers, in craft projects or adding rigidity to items being sent in the post. We are also able to manufacture bespoke products.