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Cardboard boxes to suit your business

At Rajapack, we know that finding packaging solutions to meet the needs of your business can help save you time and money. Whether you need various shapes and sizes of postal boxes to ship your goods, or you’re looking for archive and removal boxes to use in storage, our experts are always on hand to help you find the best cardboard boxes for your needs. Plus, all our boxes are supplied flat for your convenience. If you’re looking for a cardboard box in an unusual size or shape our experts can even help you to create custom made cardboard boxes.

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Which box is best?

Understanding which cardboard boxes are suited to different needs is the first step to choosing the best box for the job. Single wall boxes can be used for storage, transportation, and packaging. If you’re shipping or storing smaller items, these are a cost-effective solution, while if you need to send large or heavy items, large single walled boxes work well as a protective outer layer. Double wall boxes are suited to products that need a greater amount of protection as they are crush-resistant and provide more protection for delicate and easily damaged products. If you’re looking for the maximum level of protection for your products – for example, if you know the cardboard box will experience temperature changes or is likely to be knocked or scraped in transit – then triple wall boxes would be the best option for you.